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Engineered Bamboo Composite weave the artistic beauty of nature​


Jiading Peace Dove Pavilion

The planning and investment promotion meeting of three demonstration sample areas of Jiading Xincheng and the opening ceremony of Jiading Planning Exhibition Hall were officially held on August 26th 2022, the exhibition hall’s GFA is 6,871sqm.

​Under the guidance of Shanghai Jiading District Government, District Planning and Natural Resources ​Bureau and Jiading Xincheng Company, Fengyu Zhu launched an architecture & art plan with the theme of "Gradually entering Jiajing", invite cutting-edge architects to take Jiading Planning Exhibition Hall as the site to create art installations in the public space. ​

This plan attempts to explore the aesthetic education potential of traditional planning hall, ​awaken the public's perception of urban culture, and also provide a reference for the exhibition extension of the hall. The plan selects 6 points in the traffic flow, there are 6 groups of architects/studios participate in creative installation design based on Jiading’s urban content in limited environment to guide the audience explore the planning exhibition hall gradually. ​


altPlus works with A.C.R.E Atelier for the peace dove pavilion in the 2nd point where is surrounded by forest and lake, the architect Yin Shun tried to recreate a spatial dialogue related to water. He constructed a pavilion with bamboo as the bone , which is as light as a bird to land in front of exhibition hall. It flies through the water city of Jiading, and reappears the scene of " the cornices between the floors are angled, and the eaves bell is hung below. The wind bell rings, which is crisp and pleasant ".   

Engineered Bamboo Solutions​

After in-depth understanding of project requirements, altPlus technical team propose the prefabricated pavilion system, it​ is up to the relevant technical standards for engineering bamboo and the prefabricated pavilion structures, also solve the typical problems of special-shaped prefabricated component, which has a higher technical difficulty than most traditional components, and requires stronger professional skills and rich experience of processing workers, as well as higher accuracy requirements. ​

altPlus design team conducts a scientific and reasonable structural calculation, so that the structural layout is reasonable, the mass and stiffness of each part are uniform and continuous. Force conduction path is clear and reasonable and has sufficient structural redundancy. Necessary technical measures are taken to strengthen the integrity of the structure in the weak parts of the structure​ and connection, so as to avoid the loss of the bearing capacity of the whole structure caused by the destruction of part of the structure or components.​

In the whole process of raw material control, production and processing, product manufacturing and finished product installation, altPlus technicians carefully reviewed the design scheme, carried out the technical disclosure in full detail, and clarified the key and difficult points of processing and production as well as potential problems, through strict quality control and multiple project management measures, we deliver the project successfully 4 working days ahead of tight schedule and is highly praised by architect partner. ​




D22020_TJAD Pavilion 59.jpg
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (76).JPG
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (46).jpg
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (63)+.jpg
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (99).JPG
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (93).JPG
D22020_TJAD Pavilion (52) (1).jpg

Structual Calculation

D22020_TJAD Pavilion 29.jpg
D22020_TJAD Pavilion 30.jpg

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A.C.R.E Atelier


Shanghai, China


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LVB-X, TJ Pavilion

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