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altPlus EB

Meet LVB™

The building blocks of a sustainable future, - LVBby altPlus, made from rapidly renewable bamboo


altPlus EB manufactures engineered bamboo products for the construction, industrial and distribution sectors. altPlus EB has a primary focus in laminated engineered bamboo and ply bamboo products which are closely associated with engineered wood products.

Product Areas

Beam & Structural Members

Structural Panels

Finished Panels

Carpentry Finishes

Industrial Ply

Construction & Packaging Materials


altPlus solution to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment, packaging, construction materials and other applications traditionally in wood, while increasing durability and life time.


Engineered Bamboo Composite Products

altPlus engineered bamboo material solutions for industry and product optimization

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Rapidly Renewable

Building Blocks

​altPlus LVB™ is made from rapidly renewable, select strips of bamboo, thoughtfully treated and laminated together. altPlus  LVB™ is the best choice for high performance, environmentally friendly construction and manufacturing of products. Our core competence is catering to manufacturing sector programs, supporting as material and product engineers. The key focus is developing a partner ecosystem to support the development of products based on our versatile LVB™ material.

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altPlus Engineered Bamboo

LVB™ Beam

LVB™ Beam is made from laminating 19mm LVB™ veneer panels. This process provides LVB™ Beam with exceptional strength and stability and allows for slim structural members. A high quality surface reveal makes LVB™ Beam ideal for exposed applications. 

Why LVB™ Beam

  • High strength characteristics

  • Rapidly renewable - carbon neutral & negative building is possible

  • Optimised post & beam structures

  • Exceptional uniform surface quality

  • Suitable in exposed areas

LVB Beam

altPlus Engineered Bamboo

LVB™ Panel

In LVB Panel, the veneer layers are organized in wide or narrow grain panel surface. Vertical narrow is a uniform grain providing a modern natural finish to any environment. Horizontal wide grain displays a range of natural nodes displaying a traditional surface. LVB material is extremely durable and easy to clean, which makes it particularly suitable for table tops, desks, ceiling and wall panelling, stairs and elegant flooring arrangements. LVB Panel can be machined like solid hardwood or hardwood boards with notable improved dimensional stability. Owning to their attractive veneer surface patter, and edge grain, the panels are ideal for exposed applications, and the sanded surfaces allow for easy coating.

Applications for LVB™ Panel

  • Ceiling and wall cladding

  • Table-tops

  • Sturdy work surfaces

  • Stairs & Railings

  • Trim & Details

  • Elegant flooring

LVB Panel

altPlus Engineered Bamboo

LVB™ Panel X

LVB Panel X / Beam X

LVB Panel X is a cross laminated bamboo panel with extremely high dimensional stability. Panel sizing can be extended to large board size (10+ m) and maintain extremely high stability for structural and finish elements, while providing high quality uniform surface. 

Applications for LVB™ Panel X

  • Flat support elements

  • Structural & Finish

  • Industrial & Architectural surface quality

  • 10+ meters length

  • Integrate to LVB Beam X 

LVB Panel X

altPlus EB Ply

Sustainability & Industrial Performance

altPlus® EB Ply™ is an industrial grade, engineered bamboo ply product for the manufacturing, industrial and building segments. EB Ply™ is a high performing alternative to traditionally used plywood and OSB. Through patented processing techniques,    EB Ply™ also offers resistance to high humidity and pest/insect damage.  EB Ply™ is the ideal choice for promoting sustainable solutions that meet and exceed the current standard.

EB Ply.png
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