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altPlus Fiber

Unveiling a Unique Fiber:

altPlus Bamboo Bio-Materials For Pulp Products and Ecopolymer Plastic Alternatives

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altPlus Fiber

At altPlus, we are committed to revolutionizing the bio-materials industry by harnessing the power of bamboo. Our innovative altPlus Fiber division specializes in developing and producing fully biodegradable bamboo fiber materials and products, in a wide range of raw materials and finished product for various applications.

With our vertical integration approach and vast technical resources, we're uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of products, from raw bio-materials to high-value finished goods. We have vertically integrated our expertise in producing bio-material solutions, ranging from daily use items, home-wares, to one-time disposable products such as bags and straws. 


Additionally, our materials can be used in industrial and consumer packaging, or applied to high performance durable goods. Our products are not only sustainable but also practical and reliable, catering to the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Product Areas

Pulp Products / PurBam

Eco Polymer / BaMatrix

Two Solutions
from one
Rapidly Renewable Material

altPlus engineered bamboo material solutions for industry and product optimization

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