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altPlus Company


We use the most useful, rapidly renewable resource in the world, to improve life on earth. Join us in the journey to redefine renewables.

From Structural Engineering to Material Science and Industrial Design, 

altPlus seeks unique and passionate talent from across a variety of disciplines. 


Design / Development

Utilizing the advanced characteristics of engineered bamboo, integrated with a variety of other materials and systems, we aim to develop the most advanced, sustainable performance products in the world.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Controlling and optimizing the supply of everything from integrated PV systems, hardware and auxiliary parts, to the tracking of bamboo from forest to market.

Engineering & Execution

Taking an idea from paper and bringing it to existence – we seek to solve through great ambition and collaboration.

Working with altPlus

We are fortunate to work with some of the world leaders in their respective industry – this requires a high level of knowledge, commitment and creativity.


We are a team with a single vision of extraordinary solutions, and we welcome talented people with a shared mindset, to join in our daily journey.

Careers Intro
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Internship Openings 

Location: Shanghai


Marketing + Communications

Project Engineering

Product Engineering + Design Technologist

Materials Engineer

Web Development

Information Technology

Financial Department 

Supply Chain Technologist

Spring:         January – April
Summer:      May – August
Fall:               September – December
Application deadline is the 10th day of the month, prior to start month.

We are passionate about developing the world of performance bamboo, and leading through our commitment to client, community and team.

Internship Openings
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About Us

Passion for work.
A culture of continuous learning.
The focus of value creation -

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