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Discover how altPlus delivers powerful customer solutions through unrivalled cross-industry expertise  

With the strength of our multidisciplinary teams and state-of-the-art production units, altPlus® provides a range of solutions from sustainable construction materials to biomaterial composites such as eco-friendly alternatives to plastics and agriculture products. Our solutions deliver multiple benefits that far beyond sustainability alone, by choosing our materials, you actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your projects and operations. This environmentally responsible approach contribute to the fight against climate change and play a pivotal role in cultivating a planet that is greener and more adaptable to environmental challenges. 

altPlus Architectural
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Sustainable Building Systems

Engineered Bamboo Architecture

altPlus Architectural is an international, multidisciplinary, division of altPlus, with professional services in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction -  and dedicated expertise in timber integrated / engineered bamboo solutions. 

altPlus Architectural integrates building solutions, using altPlus standard product catalogues and bespoke systems, working with owners and design professionals in the early stages of development to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and that budgets are controlled financially and on schedule.

Dedicated altPlus Architectural team members support the integration of conceptual ideas through design, development and execution. With specific focus in bio-materials, the altPlus Architectural team works to develop modern solutions for demanding environments. Solutions begin with concept and budget and continue through execution and post-construction service and meet the requirements of international and local building standards.

altPlus EB

Engineered Bamboo Materials

altPlus EB manufactures industrial scale engineered bamboo products for the construction, industrial and distribution sectors. altPlus EB has a primary focus in laminated engineered bamboo and ply bamboo products which are closely associated with engineered wood products.

LVB™ is made from rapidly renewable, select, laminated veneer layers of engineered bamboo and is the best choice for high performance, environmentally friendly construction. Our core competence is catering to manufacturing sector programs. Developing a partner ecosystem to support the development of products based on our versatile LVB™ material, is a key focus for the altPlus EB team.


EB Ply™ products are suitable for various applications in the transportation, packaging and concrete formwork industries, which demand industrial durability. EB Ply™ products have various engineered cores with differing densities and performance, with special surface treatments, making it easy to use on-site and in the work-shop.


All altPlus EB products store carbon for decades to come and are carbon neutral or negative when shipped to our partners' door. 

Industrial Products
Material Supply
altPlus Fiber

Bamboo Bio-material

At altPlus, we are committed to revolutionizing the bio-materials industry by harnessing the power of bamboo. Our innovative altPlus  Fiber division specializes in developing and producing fully biodegradable bamboo fiber materials and products, in a wide range of  raw materials and finished product for various applications.

With our vertical integration approach and vast technical resources, we're uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of products, from raw bio-materials to high-value finished goods. We have vertically integrated our expertise in producing bio-material solutions, ranging from daily use items, homewares, to one-time disposable products such as bags and straws.

Additionally our materials can be used in industrial and consumer packaging, or applied to high performance durable goods. Our  products are not only sustainable but also practical and reliable, catering to the evergrowing demand for environmentally friendly 

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