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Performance Bamboo

​Into the Circle Economy &
Low-Carbon Footprint

Advantages of
alPlus Bamboo Solutions

Most rapidly renewable resource, grown by the sun, and requiring no replanting – harvest in 4-6 years

Stable global supply available regionally, accessible in an abundance around the world without the need of heavy agriculture

Mechanically superior to most bio-materials and competitive with traditional materials

Materials integrate into existing standards, and building codes

Every product produced is a carbon bank and may be upcycled, carbon locked or used as a bio-fuel at the end of its life-cycle

Bamboo Offers The Ability Of CO2  Neutral Or CO2 Negative Products

MNC Targets for the New Global Economy

Challenges facing operational decisions:

altPlus Solutions Have Potential To:

Healthy working environment, engaged and mission driven employees

Every application represents a change to potential net zero capital or operational carbon input

Introduce new product lines with carbon neutral / negative, parts or packaging

Replacing abiotic resources with sustainable renewable bio-based resources in all levels of operations

Integration Methodology


Identify Opportunities

Solutions Proposal

Comprehensive Schedule/ Design


Introduce altPlus Business Area solutions.
If a specific department is not targeted this may be best done
with the Sustainability Director or Head of Innovation, Department Lead In Operations or Facilities to best guide impactful opportunities in the company.

Identify and isolate key areas of opportunity for impact.

This may be related to the company development priorities, or previously identified carbon / waste producing activities


  • Green Building Facilities Expansion – altPlus Architectural,

  • Low-Carbon Packaging Program – altPlus Fiber & altPlus EB,

  • New Products Development – altPlus Fiber & altPlus EB

altPlus team members will plan and design proposals based on specific department opportunities. This proposal will help to start the initiative and familiarize the target department with the potential of the solutions.

Based on the feedback, budget targets and detailed performance requirements, altPlus team members will provide a comprehensive proposal for a schedule, program or design.
This stage will include prototypes and positive impact assessments.

Whether it is an Architectural system, low-carbon packaging program or a new project, the altPlus team will deliver according to a program schedule by trial, region, or phase.

Integrating Low-to-No Carbon Performance Solutions

altPlus works with clients to integrate the superior sustainability and performance of altPlus Engineered Bamboo solutions at various levels of operations. Achieving the targets of the global company, improving quality, and maintaining or decreasing costs.

altPlus Business Application

Client Solution

Every product produced is a carbon bank and may be upcycled, carbon locked or used as a bio-fuel at the end of its life-cycle

Engineered bamboo materials for innovative consumer products and  industrial applications. Also used in OEM manufacturing, low-to-no carbon packaging, crating, building materials.

Performance bamboo fiber supporting the transition to natural fiber plastics and composites. Low-to-no carbon packaging, consumer goods, disposables, pallets, parts.

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