altPlus Architectural

Performance Solutions

We provide simple and innovative solutions to deliver complex engineered bamboo projects on time. 

altPlus is focused in the design, development, and manufacturing of the worlds most advanced architectural building materials and systems utilising engineered bamboo. Leading the world in structural grade performance tested technologies, altPlus Architectural team of engineers, designers and project members are the foundation for a successful program integrating engineered bamboo.



altPlus solutions  reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, well being & efficiencies of our buildings & spaces, while increasing durability & life time of our every day surroundings. 


Forest to Fit

The altPlus team starts with support in the conceptual stage including integration of budget and feasibility. Dedicated Project Team members support from the start to the finish, and continue to provide post-construction support.


altPlus Design and Development Team members focus on international standards and ensure compliance of design to local requirements with the goal of realising architects and design professionals design intent. altPlus contributes  international experience and local oversight to work with stakeholders to ensure testing, documentation and certification of projects is clearly communicated and without unforeseen costs to the budget or oversights in safety compliance. 


Projects team members priorities health and safety of all execution team members as the highest priority and establish that safety standards and codes are met for local compliance of users for the lifetime of the building and system.


Design + Engineering

Architectural Support

The altPlus Team focuses on being a service to the architectural process. Working with international design firms to support in the design and engineering of forward thinking built environments that are natural, modern, and founded in performance. altPlus is driven to standardise highly adaptable elements of the building process, establishing standard product libraries, approved finish materials libraries and use of manufactured assembly products. The goal is to accelerate the design efficiencies and adoption of engineered bamboo building systems.


Detail in the Design

Interior Design

A team of interior design support members assist by providing the material know how and design solutions to ensure every detail is considered, whether they are the details of a large scale airport terminal, or the intimate detail of an executive suite. The altPlus team collaborates closely with clients and design professionals to develop interior design solutions that are purposeful, and considerate of function, assembly process and high quality standards, without adding complexity.

Standard Product Catalogues

Materials - Unified EB Experience

altPlus has developed a catalogue of products in major categories of building materials, including site and structural materials, all types of finishes and construction ply materials. Providing a unified offering of engineered bamboo materials and building systems, enables owners and designers to engage a project with a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate the most rapidly renewable performance building solutions on the market.

Glazing Systems

Structural Glazing

Curtain Wall 

Roof Glazing


Structural Members 

Curved Components

Kitted Structures

Pre-fabricated Systems

Door, Window & Partitions

Architectural, Commercial & Residential

FTC Partition systems

Fire Rated



Facade & Cladding

Landscape Structures

Site Furnishings


Wall & Ceiling

Acoustic Systems

In-Built Furniture


Built Systems

EV Charging Structures
Modular Buildings
Public Shelters    
Portable Pods
Temporary Structures


Global Network

Manufacturing & Assembly

altPlus sources and produces across a global network with the concentration of bamboo resources coming from Asia and Central/ South America. In order to satisfy geographic projects, altPlus has establish a primary network of facilities for sustainable, ethical and cost competitive supply. altPlus provides priority solutions utilising off-site manufacturing to develop time, cost and quality efficiencies for projects.

Shaping the world as imagined.