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Engineered bamboo meets education in this story of how an international school went "big bamboo".



A school campus, home to the German and French schools is located in the Yangpu district of Shanghai and is being labelled as one of the jewels of the district.


A primary design feature of the Eurocampus, is a consistent, modern, engineered bamboo detail throughout the interior and exterior outfit. altPlus worked with the lead Design Consultants and ownership group to take the design from concept to operation. The school is a benchmark for performance engineered bamboo materials in an education setting, providing a daily, warm and natural learning experience to students.

Overview,  The welcome in the atrium of the north education building. Students are greeted warmly by the natural exhibit of engineered bamboo.

altPlus ECY23.jpg

View from the top of the stairwell down into the atrium. Detailed elements align in the handrail, floor and wall paneling. Out of main focus, uniformity in the doors and furniture make an subtle appearance. 

altPlus ECY22.jpg

The contrast of the engineered bamboo door systems (EB Tek™) amongst the sea of cool blue

altPlus ECY21.jpg

EB Tek™ Door jambs were crafted from solid structural engineered bamboo. All hardware details precision CNC and door systems factory finished.

altPlus ECY17.jpg
altPlus ECY12.jpg

Inbuilt furniture details in the corridor

altPlus ECY20.jpg
altPlus ECY9.jpg
altPlus ECY10.jpg
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Acoustic performance is a principal characteristic in all doors, wall systems, and in-built furniture’s. The sound optimized, acoustic environment is a feature delivered through early systems testing and design consultation.

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altPlus_ECY 20 (3).jpg

Project Details



gmp Architekten, K & H International, Vital Office, Delhom Acoustique, Werner Floors

Shanghai, China




Doors, Wall Panels, In-Built Furniture, Acoustic Wall Panels, Floor Coverings, Interior Outfit Details, Landscape Furniture


EB Tek, Arc i, Nova Bambu, LVB, LEED Platinum, Eurocampus




Detailed Design
Manufacturing and Supply
Operational Servicing

Photo Credit

Vital Office/ altPlus

Shaping the world,

one building block at a time.

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Accelerate the adoption of rapidly renewable performance bamboo with your next project.

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