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How can altPlus innovate with you?

altPlus is a team of engineers, designers, material specialists, project managers and execution professionals with the common goal of providing innovative solutions utilising the world's most rapidly renewable resource in the world. 

Any questions about our range of solutions? Our experts will be glad to help.

architectural and structural products 1.

altPlus has it's own in-house line of branded products to meet the needs of your projects and products. Ranging from industrial and commercial applications to material supply. See our brands and products for more ideas.

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altPlus Projects is the execution team of altPlus with capacity to manage your building projects from start to finish. With experience in Asia to North America, see how altPlus Projects can work with your team today.


altPlus Labs engages with complex ideas to support bringing them to life. From material research, modelling, prototyping, testing, advanced engineering to optimisation, altPlus Labs takes on the most complex challenges with the goal of providing a simplified solution. 

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