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Tongji Pavilion

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The planning and investment promotion meeting of three demonstration sample areas of Jiading Xincheng and the opening ceremony of Jiading Planning Exhibition Hall were officially held on August 26th, 2022, the exhibition hall’s GFA is 6,871sqm, under the guidance of Shanghai Jiading District Government, District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau and Jiading Xincheng Company, Fengyu Zhu launched an architecture & art plan with the theme of "Gradually entering Jiajing", invite cutting-edge architects to take Jiading Planning Exhibition Hall as the site to create art installations in the public space. This plan attempts to explore the aesthetic education potential of traditional planning hall, awaken the public's perception of urban culture, and also provide a reference for the exhibition extension of the hall.

altPlus works with A.C.R.E Atelier for the peace dove pavilion in the 2nd point where is surrounded by forest and lake, the architect Yin Shun tried to recreate a spatial dialogue related to water. He constructed a pavilion with bamboo as the bone , which is as light as a bird to land in front of exhibition hall. It flies through the water city of Jiading, and reappears the scene of " the cornices between the floors are angled, and the eaves bell is hung below. The wind bell rings, which is crisp and pleasant ".

After in-depth understanding of project requirements, altPlus technical team propose the prefabricated pavilion system, it is up to the relevant technical standards for engineering bamboo and the prefabricated pavilion structures, also solve the typical problems of special-shaped prefabricated component, which has a higher technical difficulty than most traditional components, and requires stronger professional skills and rich experience of processing workers, as well as higher accuracy requirements.

Jiading peace dove pavilion is another new work of engineering bamboo composite(EBC) applied in landscape architecture, both altPlus and A.C.R.E Atelier hope to use engineering bamboo composite to carry out the concept of sustainable development in architecture. Given by low carbon emission and saving material and energy becomes an important factor to be considered in design, the use of engineering bamboo can broaden the understanding of current humanistic environment for bamboo building as well as reshape the application of bamboo in the field of architecture, through the change of bamboo shape, we can create the artistic conception of nature in space design, deepen people's understanding of bamboo culture, and realize the ultimate goal of harmonious coexistence between human being and nature with the deepening application of bamboo.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit the project profile.


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