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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Partnering for the Ideal Home of the Future with altPlus Engineered Bamboo​

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Y-project aims at integrating design strategies and state-of -the-art technologies to develop an advanced prototype, able to demonstrate the highest achievable standards in architectural and environmental quality, energy efficiency and economic viability. In spite of it size, the house is conceived to experiment and validate strategies applicable at bigger scale, with a potential impact on the building industry. This includes the vision of the building as a node in the urban network, which contributes to the quality of the public spaces, to the energy managements of the smart grid,to interconnectivity among people and technological systems, to human health and wellbeing, to the biodiversity of the local ecosystem, to the promotion of circular economy and sustainable development.

The decision to include Structural Engineered Bamboo (SEB) as the primary structure is due to its high-performance mechanical properties, while being produced from rapidly renewable bamboo materials that can be sourced locally and globally. Indeed Structural Engineered Bamboo has a great future in residential applications, in that it could be used in single family dwellings, low to mid-rise residential and mixed use and in the future, high rise applications. The sustainability benefits of using this rapidly renewable material are a catalyst to its adoption as it shows capacity to sequester carbon in greater quantities than other timber products and is the most sustainable structural bio-fiber from harvest to application.

Therefore, structural engineered bamboo was selected as the main structure of the building. Engineering bamboo was used as the main building material from the main column of the house to the interior wall and floor, which not only fits the purpose of this competition it also made continuous innovations in bamboo and wood construction, organically combining engineered bamboo and solar energy.

altPlus believes that the bamboo industry will empower a green future. The Y-project project also represents altPlus’s expectations and vision for future environmentally friendly buildings. As a fully solar bamboo structure house, not only in line with the green, it also explains the future. altPlus has always adhered to this idea, and has never stopped cooperating with talents and experts from all aspects of the construction industry, striving to jointly explore a new future for green bamboo structure buildings.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit the project profile.


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