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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Spy photos exposed: altPlus Circular Engineering Site Furnishings

Recently, a project from altPlus Canada, located in the iconic area of Vancouver, Canada, has taken shape - the Circular Engineering Bamboo Site Furnishings. After extensive communication with the architectural design team to determine the design, materials, and processing methods of the bench, this customized community site furnishing showcases the artistic and unique qualities of the seating finishing work through the use of engineered bamboo, a sustainable , durable, material.


Designed in collaboration between ZGF Architects and RHA, Tesoro is a luxurious 18-story residential building situated in the highly desirable Olympic Village community in the southeastern part of False Creek. As the final phase of Concert Properties' The Creek series, Tesoro is considered the landmark building of the entire master-planned development project.

The Circular Engineering Bamboo site finishes are placed at the entrance of Tesoro, an 18-story luxury residential building. They will serve as a welcoming landscape and meeting place for residents entering and exiting the main gate and throughout the property. Choosing altPlus engineered bamboo for these features have numerous advantages, the most obvious being the outdoor durability of the altPlus SWB engineered bamboo, which is available in a range of natural color tones to match the design requirements.

Additionally, altPlus bamboo products are easily obtainable and do not face the long delivery times and significant fluctuations that the common tropical wood industry experienced during global supply chain constraints. These factors were all taken into consideration when selecting the product. 

altPlus Engineering Bamboo: SWB Tan

Ultimately, the designers of the architectural project were drawn to the texture and color of altPlus SWB Tan, considering it a perfect sustainable alternative to commonly used materials. The introduction of the altPlus Circular Engineering Bamboo Site Furnishings injects sustainable vitality into the commercial real estate project.


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