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Industry News|The 4th Wood and Bamboo Structure Design Forum is held from April 19th-21st in Chengdu

Over the past few years, China government has introduced a series of policies aimed at promoting the adoption of green buildings and bamboo & wood structures as part of its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. These policies have played a crucial role in guiding the sustainable growth of China's biomaterials’ industry and accelerated the application of wood & bamboo structures in urban and rural development. In light of this, the "4th Wood and Bamboo Structure Design Forum" is scheduled to be held in Chengdu from April 19th to 21st.

The forum is being co-hosted by the National Green Low-carbon Technology Innovation Center for Building, China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Tongji University, Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., and International Bamboo and Rattan Organization. This event will bring together industry experts and leaders to share insights, experiences, and studies regarding bamboo and wood structure engineering construction. Additionally, the latest research findings, engineering technologies, and application cases will be introduced. Among the distinguished guests is Professor Huang Dongsheng, a partner of altPlus Technologies, who will deliver an important presentation on "The Industrial Manufacturing of Engineered Bamboo: Necessary Conditions for the Existence and Development of Engineered Bamboo Structures."

Professor Huang Dongsheng-the director of NERC (National Engineering Research Center of Biomaterials), national first-class registered structural engineer, Doctor of Engineering and doctoral supervisor at Nanjing Forestry University. He graduated from Southeast University, China, and specialized in Civil Engineering. His research focuses on wood/bamboo composites and structures, seismic prevention, and vibration control. He has led over 20 research projects supported by the central or provincial government, including 4 NSFC projects. He has been published more than 130 papers and overseen the design of more than 100 buildings, including 3 super-high-rise towers.

In addition, low carbon and technological innovation have become increasingly crucial aspects of China's development strategy in the new era, and the employment of bamboo and wood structure aligns with this trend. Fire prevention is a key concern for public regarding wood structure buildings. Nevertheless, with contemporary wood structure buildings evolving into a complete and mature building system, they possess excellent fire prevention measures and adhere to building fire prevention normative requirements. Provided that designers follow the specifications, the fire prevention performance of wood structure buildings is comparable to that of ordinary reinforced concrete or even superior.

Mrs. Qiu Peifang, the Deputy Director of the First Research Room at the Tianjin Fire Science and Technology Research Institute of MEM and the editor-in-chief of "Fire Science and Technology," is scheduled to deliver a presentation on wood structure building fire prevention design at the conference. Mrs. Qiu played a pivotal role in the formulation of China's first comprehensive "Technical Guidelines for Performance-based Fire Protection Design of Buildings." The guideline considers China's national conditions, as well as the country's fire protection technology and management level, significantly advancing research and practical development of fire safety engineering technology in China. It offers an effective approach to the fire protection design and supervision of large and complex buildings throughout the country and received the second prize for scientific and technological progress from the Ministry of Public Security. Ms. Qiu's insights and expertise in wood structure building fire prevention design are undoubtedly of great value to forum attendees.

The highly anticipated event attracted a wide range of experts and business representatives from architectural and wood & bamboo industry, providing an unparalleled opportunity for in-depth discussions, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the exchange of cutting-edge research. We aspire for this event to be a huge success and contribute to the continued growth and development of the bamboo and wood structure construction industry in China.


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