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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

altPlus CEO Eric Rupert is invited to attend 2023 Global Net Zero Cities Forum

Net Zero Technology- Empowering Sustainable City Development Practices

Organized by Carbon Neutralization Research Institute of Tongji University, Carbon Neutralization Intelligent Research Institute of Shanghai Industrial Cooperation Promotion Center, CCDR China Design New Economy Research Center, the 2023 Global Net Zero Cities Forum will be hold on 7th January in Radisson Collection Yangtze Shanghai. The forum focuses on hot topics such as zero carbon architecture, low carbon materials, renewable energy, zero carbon technology, digital facility management and business innovation etc, aims at discussing to build a green, ecological, healthy, and efficient sustainable profitability in future zero carbon city scenario.

This forum will gather many professionals in the field of zero carbon, including leading zero carbon academic groups, zero carbon urban design, architectural and planning design institutions, suppliers of zero carbon technology, materials and equipment, zero carbon technology celebrities etc. As one of the co-organizers of this forum, Eric Rupert, CEO and co-founder of altplus Technologies, will deliver a speech themed "Zero carbon building bamboo building system and its potential".

Eric has been in China developing the advanced application of bamboo materials for nearly 10 years, with a specific focus in Engineered Bamboo Composites in structural applications. Working closely with the most advanced researches, builders, architects and government organizations in this field, Eric has the vision of engineered bamboo buildings becoming a norm similar to the advanced wood building industry. Eric is CEO of altPlus, which provides the accelerated adoption of rapidly renewable bamboo materials into the current marketplace, while simultaneously pioneering the entire ecosystem including advanced manufacturing, building standards, product development and market education. Eric is the founding member of Shanghai Society of Engineering Wood & Bamboo Building Council as well.


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