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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Entering the 2022 Expo | altPlus’ insight into “Structural Engineered Bamboo’s technique and future”

On November 5th, 2022, the 5th China International Import Expo with the theme of "New Era, Shared Future" opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, 145 countries, regions and international organizations participating in total. On November 7th, Mrs. Lin Liqun, alPlus’ co-founder, was invited to attend the round table of "China Opportunities for Global Green Building and Technology Adoption" held by Ernst &Young and delivered the "Low Carbon Voice of Structural Engineered Bamboo in Green Building Materials " at the Expo.

The round table focused on such hot topics as "The global development of green buildings & technologies and their development situation in China", "The path and method of green transformation for traditional architectural industry", and "Investment opportunities in the wave of green buildings and technologies" .Mrs Lin said, as one of the worlds’ foremost leaders in private, bamboo research and technology,altPlus aims to standardize and accelerate the adoption of performance bamboo solutions and redefine the solutions in commercial, industrial and infrastructure fields. With the development of green & energy-saving buildings and the policy goal of "Carbon peak, Carbon neutral" in China, mass timberhas been used in the construction field. Compared with wood,Bamboo, as a kind of biomass material, has short growth cycle, is rapidly renewable, and has high mechanical fiber properties. It can store carbon dioxide to improve the environment during its growth process and has low energy consumption in the production process. Therefore, it is more energy saving and environmental protection to replace wood with bamboo, especially theadvanced engineering bamboo technology brought byaltPlus from North America will inject fresh blood into the current market.

When discussing what challenges the global green building and technology adoption will face in China, Mrs. Lin said, in our area of expertise, we face the following three major challenges in technology adoption: Cost, Codes of standards and Knowledge sharing. To address these problems, we have strengthened the communication between our team and the local government, partners in the past few years, we cooperated with Shaowu Municipal Government, Fujian Province and National Engineering Research Center of Biomaterials (NERC) of Nanjing Forestry University to establish Engineered Bamboo Composite R&D facility. Promote the transformation of scientific research achievements to advance manufacturing processes, so as to reduce costs.On the other hand, China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization has launched three codes of standards related to engineering bamboo structures (EBC), they are Design Standards for EBC, Construction and Quality Acceptance Standards for EBC, and Testing Standards for EBC, which will be implemented from November 1st, 2022.With these three codes of standards, we are more confident to seize the peak of engineering bamboo industry and promote the global application of green renewable materials.

Regarding the challenge of knowledge sharing, Mrs. Lin said that altPlus has always been committed to playing a role as a bridge to promote industrial knowledge exchanges, as a world-class open platform, the Expo is not only a platform for exchange of goods and economic opportunities, but also a platform for communication of creativity and wisdom. We hope that the world's most cutting-edge technology and creativity in the field of green industry will be introduced into domestic market through the Expo. Combining with altPlus’ practice, it’s certainly that we can provide more diversified engineering bamboo products and technical solutions for global customers to create a better future together.

At the end of the seminar, Mrs. Lin reasserted altPlus' confidence in embracing the opportunities of globalization. Under the strategy of green and sustainable development, altPlus will continue to give full play to the advantages in low-carbon technology fields, always focus on client’s needs, constantly broaden the imagination on biomass materials, and actively explore new possibilities for green industry development with more partners.


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