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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Experience the Performance and Sustainability of EBC with Arc™ i Interior Solutions by altPlus®

Introducing Arc™ i Interior Solutions by altPlus® – an innovative architectural series that is sure to take your breath away.

The product spectrum combines the performance and character of engineered bamboo with a variety of substrate materials and an extensive array of architectural finishes. With wall & ceiling systems, acoustic treatments, finishes and screen arrangements, in-built furniture, and a selection of composite products with high fire performance, Arc™ i Interior Solutions has everything you need to transform your space into a masterpiece.

Arc™ i is designed to enhance and enrich environments, promote health and wellbeing, and provide low-carbon architectural solutions. Its sustainable performance is complemented by its fire rating, with ASTM Class B & A available.

The variety of patterns, colors, and applications available with Arc™ i is unmatched, allowing for endless combinations and designs. One of the most remarkable aspects of Arc™ i is its ability to achieve a variety of designs through various fabrications and finishes. Whether you prefer a specific grain type, tonalities, and coloring, engravings metal finishes, or pre-designed themes, Arc™ i has got you covered.

Combining leathers, fabrics, concrete finishes, or brick applications can connect the atmosphere of choice. The opportunities of combinations are endless, and the natural, enriched environment is created through the sustainability and performance of Arc™ i.

Choose from a selection of grain types, tonalities, and coloring, engravings, metal finishes, pre-designed themes, and more, and let Arc™ i bring your environment to life. Whether you are looking to improve your home, workspace, entertainment space etc , Arc™ i is the perfect choice. So why wait?

Discover the performance and sustainability of Arc™ i Interior Solutions by altPlus® today! Contact to learn more:


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