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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Enjoy Starbucks Reserve Coffee roasted by altPlus’ engineering bamboo

With the rise of experience economy, today's consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional acceptance of product information and services, instead, they pursue the attached value of products, and enjoy the feeling of participation and psychological needs in the consumption process. Starbucks is regarded as the maturest brand of "lifestyle" scenario marketing in the coffee industry. Since its entry into China market in 1998, it has successfully integrated local cultural elements into stores across the country to enhance the spatial appeal, stimulate customers' desire to explore, and constantly make new attempts to build the immersive scene marketing by using coffee’s social attribute. In 2018, altPlus was honored to provide engineering bamboo materials and technical services for Starbucks' 100th store in Fujian Province, meanwhile, the largest Starbucks Reserve store in Fuzhou which represents a higher coffee quality.

Starbucks’ design team hopes to create a modern space in a classic building, and integrate the cultural heritage of "Fuzhou Sanbo”—The oil-paper umbrella, lacquer ware craftsmanship and combs. Meanwhile, environmental protection has always been the theme they hope to achieve, respect for nature, and thanks to the gift of nature, so in the use of materials in this store, designer choose to use environmentally friendly materials - bamboo, instead of traditional wood. Considering Fujian is known as the "hometown of bamboo", the area of mao bamboo forest ranks first in the country. Furthermore, bamboo is quickly renewable and low carbon emission, will have a strong mechanic performance with modern fabrication technique, altPlus’ engineering bamboo is from local area, our production factory has no more than 275 km radius from Fuzhou city. Also, client hopes to bring their passion and love of coffee to local customers in Fuzhou, so that people can slow down and take a break from their busy life, go into a coffee store and enjoy a cup of mellow coffee and a quiet and pleasant time.

With such desire, the design team finally chose the engineering bamboo product of altPlus, through the new application of bamboo elements, design team wants to create an elegant and fashionable space to demonstrate a different oriental aesthetics. Entering the Reserve store, the customized engineering bamboo materials used in the bar, the background wall, surrounding tables, they are all made with special processing techniques with modern shape. Ceilings and wall panels next to stairs are smooth and glossy, they matched with the rough and grainy cement board to create a strong visual conflict, which makes the delicate feeling of bamboo and the original texture of cement more obvious, just as Starbucks coffee comes from the gift of nature. After repeated screening and careful baking, finally, it has rich and unique taste.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit the project profile.

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