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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Introducing the Versatile Engineered Bamboo Material from altPlus Technologies!

If you're looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly building material that is beautiful, strong, and long-lasting, look no further than altPlus® M Series LVB!

altPlus® Laminated Veneer Bamboo - M Series LVB - is made of property specific material strips, specially manufactured as a structural composite lumber made from rapidly renewable bamboo timber resources. It has excellent mechanical properties for dimensional structural members and is designed to ensure stable material properties materials are obtained, allowing for sustainable construction at scale.

At altPlus, we source our bamboo from sustainable forests and use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to minimize the environmental impact. In our Nakou facilities, we're committed to utilizing the most advanced technology to produce the highest quality of M Series LVB. The factory is equipped with microwave heating press and servo control loading, allowing us to produce large dimensional components for the first time in engineered bamboo manufacturing process. This significantly shortens the hot pressing time, and improves production efficiency while greatly increasing productivity. In fact, altPlus Nakou boasts the largest volume static press composite manufacturing equipment in the world by the time of its commissioning.

This video showcases the entire development path of the manufacturing process, from thermal treatment to ultrasonic grading, adhesive application, pre-press forming, cutting to size, and finishing. altPlus Nakou will be the starting path to developing this future of fully automatic, structural grade material processing for the engineered bamboo industry.

altPlus® M Series LVB are of the highest quality, with precise mechanical values, dimensions and an aesthetically pleasing finish. By choosing altPlus® M Series LVB for your next project, you're not only enjoying a high-quality, reliable building material that is sure to exceed your expectations, but also Investing in sustainable impact for the future.Contact us today to discuss how your products, and projects can incorporate M Series LVB.

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