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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

The CIAC2024 of conferences convenes, with altPlus participating in discussions on corporate sustainability.

With the onset of 2024, global enterprises are increasingly focusing on the environmental, climate, and sustainability impacts of their corporate development.

The "Canada-in-Asia Conferences 2024," abbreviated as CIAC2024, is set to take place shortly in the vibrant city-state of Singapore.


Mr. Eric Rupert, the CEO of altPlus, has been invited to attend the "CIAC2024: Climate Solutions" conference from February 27th to 29th. He will be representing both the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and altPlus at the event.

At the conference, altPlus will introduce companies, industry leaders and policy makers in Canada and Asia with specialised bamboo material solutions for building and construction, agriculture and food, and global climate issues.

Mr. Eric Rupert, CEO of altPlus

About CIAC


APF Canada and Universities Canada partnered to create the inaugural Canada-in-Asia Conference in 2023 (CIAC2023) to catalyze a new and transformative phase of Canada-Asia engagement. CIAC2023, held in Singapore over three days in February 2023, brought together more than 530 Canada-connected individuals, businesses, and institutions. More than 370 participants were alumni of Canadian universities, with many based in Asia.

The success of CIAC2023 in gathering people and ideas from across Canada and Asia to work on some of today’s most pressing global challenges – feeding the world, fighting climate change, and building more inclusive societies, among others – and the enthusiasm for sustained momentum in connecting Canada and Asia has led to a commitment by APF Canada and Universities Canada to convene a major multi-sector Canada-in-Asia Conference every second year, and more targeted, thematic CIACs in intervening years.

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