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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

altPlus envisions a future with performance bamboo products

Updated: May 6, 2023

altPlus aims to standardise and accelerate the adoption of performance bamboo solutions in industry, office, and home. All our products are made from rapidly renewable bamboo raw materials, which helps reduce the use of fossil resources and offers sustainable choices for demanding applications.

With multidisciplinary teams and production units, altPlus provides a range of solutions from sustainable construction materials to biomaterial eco-polymers as a substitute for plastics.

In Shanghai our altPlus Projects division delivered a state-of-the art school in the Yangpu Eurocampus construction with beautiful, carbon zero door systems, an interior outfit including all inbuilt furniture and all the finish detailing, all manufactured using altPlus EB (engineered bamboo) materials in prefabricated architectural systems.

altPlus Fiber division is working with a leading international nutrition company to integrate low-carbon logistics packaging and handling system. The ecosystem includes product packaging, industrial packaging and logistics pallet systems, all incorporating bamboo biomaterial in 100% biomateiral or compounded into eco-polymers to reduce the overall material waste, plastic use, and carbon impact in the entire supply chain.

In June of this year, altPlus Nakou production will begin to produce structural engineered bamboo composites destined for construction, manufacturing, and industrial channels around the world.

At altPlus Technologies, we believe in the potential of bamboo products to create a better world and we commit to giving full play to the advantages in biomaterials as an alternative found in all areas of life. With each step towards environment friendly and sustainable demand, we are eagerly hoping to see altPlus’ bamboo solutions and low carbon initiatives inspire more people and communities to go to green, take active and collective action to make a major difference to the world.

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