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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

2023 New Year Greetings

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Another year in this journey has come to pass. Various notable advancements in the year 2022 have supported our stability and performance during a time of global mobility challenges and industry wide economic pressure. Most important of all, we have been successful to maintain our resilience during these times. Every team member, partner and client deserves a special note of thanks for their commitment in the advancing of the industry. Building on the strengths of our technical capabilities and your support, we want to step in the year 2023 with many aspirations. So, let’s have a brief look back at a few key events that marked our calendar in the year 2022 and set the path for 2023.

2022 Highlights

  1. Continued commercialisation of structural grade engineered bamboo composites by supporting the release of further design and construction standards.

2. Demonstrated the performance of hybrid structural systems using low-carbon, pre-fabricated, precast concrete and engineered bamboo components in primary structural members in columns and beams.

3. Participated in the design approval partnered with National Engineering Research Center of Bio-materials (NERC) team of the first standard structural bridge using engineered bamboo composite as the primary structural material. Project to finished construction in 2023.

4. Contributed to the world's largest engineered bamboo project in Bangalore, India. The Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 Airport.

5. The Shanghai Offices working remotely during a 90 day straight period. The altPlus team supported each other and the community while keeping business services and production uninterrupted over a challenging period of time. This with the support of our global team.

6. Signed an agreement of research and development with National Engineering Research Center of Bio-materials (NERC) team, which aims to accelerate the transformation of engineered bamboo scientific development achievements, through docking with altPlus’ facilities and our experience of market development and commercialisation.

7. Broke ground on the new altPlus facilities in Shaowu, Fujian. It is the world’s first modern structural engineered bamboo production lines, the investment will increase our production efficiency and capability with more advanced new technology, and lower energy use and price.

Onwards to 2023

  • 25,000 CBM of structural engineered bamboo composite materials in pipeline.

  • 13,000 CBM of EBC is allocated to 104,000 m2 (GFA) of altPlus Projects currently in design development and coordination, the equivalent of 50+ commercial developments.

  • Two new major lines of product production on the way PSB & LVB.

There has been nothing easy about the market conditions in this last year. We have endured new challenges and had to say goodbye to excellent team members, all while facing the challenge of the day. But through diligence, stubbornness, and commitment, we have continued to persevere and make great new strides in our mission of accelerating the adoption of engineered bamboo. We are fortunate to work with some of the top professionals and institutions in industry, supporting ambitious plans that are not easy to realize, which require discipline, problem solving and focused resolve. I wouldn't change our position of challenge for anything, as it is from this that we develop our reputation and provide value to the marketplace.

Into 2023 we will see advanced material solutions produced by the first modern production line for engineered bamboo composites in structures, and this will have a great impact on the scalability of these solutions - transforming from a product for only a niche market to reachable for the many. Without our great partners and colleagues, we wouldn't have a chance to do this, and yet in this coming year, faced with all the challenges of the past, we see the bright horizon. Thank you to all for contributing to this journey and welcome to see how much we can challenge ourselves further in the New Year.

Yours Sincerely,

Eric Rupert

Chief Executive Officer


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