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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

First Prize! altPlus Won 2024 Tianjiao Bay Cup Green Low-Carbon Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition!

2024 Tianjiao Bay Cup Green Low-Carbon Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has attracted a total of 179 projects since its launch in mid-March. After the preliminary selection, a total of 15 enterprise projects and 15 university projects entered the final round. altPlus won the first prize after a fierce competition in the final on May 23rd!

In order to promote Shanghai's green low-carbon industry innovation and development, strengthen the training of innovation and entrepreneurship talent, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the deep integration of industry, academia and research, the realization of the relevant projects on the ground, Hongkou Park, National University Science and Technology Park of Tongji University, hosted  2024 "Tianjiao Bay Cup" Green Low-Carbon Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

On May 23rd, 30 finalists selected from 179 registered projects entered the final evaluation at Tonghong Lounge at Hongkou Park, Tongji Science Park. The finalists especially invited five experts in market, investment and technology to carry out the evaluation work around the market prospect, technical innovation, team allocation and project feasibility of the projects in the field of green and low carbon.

Final Round of Competition

Lily Lin, CFO of altPlus, participated in the project report and made an introduction and demonstration on products and services, innovation points and feasibility, profit model, team members, financial analysis and development planning. The jury commented on the project one by one after the project report and put forward optimization suggestions.

Finally, altPlus’s entrepreneurial project "New Material Bamboo Fiber and Bamboo Building Lead The Road to Low-Carbon Sustainable Development" won the first prize of 2024 "Tianjiao Bay Cup" Green Low-Carbon Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition after a fierce competition among 15 enterprise projects.

Lily Lin, CFO of altPlus, is giving the speech

"Green mountains are golden mountains", the concept of green low-carbon development in the past few years, which is the bottom color of high-quality development, and the development of a new quality of productivity is the inevitable direction and trend.

By grasping the policy advantage and the opportunity of the rapid development and growth of the industry, altPlus is in the leading position in the bamboo industry and new material industry, relying on the company's complete upstream and downstream industrial chain resources and its own factories, comprehensive and segmented product lines, high-tech and cutting-edge technological innovation and R&D production capacity, and professional and efficient customer service.

In recent years, in addition to the mature and years of construction application of engineered bamboo, altPlus has also increased the full range of bamboo fiber products R&D and promotion efforts, at home and abroad to actively expand the customer channels and application of the industry and the field.

altPlus aims to further improve our factory production line, enhance product innovation and apply for more patents within three years, so as to promote our high-quality construction products and bamboo fiber products globally and achieve rapid growth in performance.

This first prize will inspire altPlus to continue to plough deeper into the bamboo industry and the green and low-carbon field, carry the corporate responsibility and bear the responsibility of green and sustainable development, and make contributions to realize the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible.


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