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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Bamboo Pioneers | Prof. Yan Xiao: Leading Innovation and Development of Engineered Bamboo and Modern Bamboo Structure

The application and development of the bamboo industry and modern bamboo structures cannot be separated from the deep work and innovation of research institutes and research scholars. 

Today we will introduce Prof. Yan Xiao, the Program Director for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Systems Sciences, in the Zhejiang University – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Joint Institute (ZJUI)., to learn more about his and his team's works and achievements.

Professor Yan Xiao’s Works: Engineered Bamboo Structures

Bamboo is in the spotlight as a potential building material in the current pursuit of a CO2-neutral society, due to its rapid maturation and excellent mechanical properties. Despite the growing interest in bamboo in academia and society, there is a lack of systematic understanding of the fabrication, design and construction processes using bamboo as a modern industrial material. 

This is the first book to describe a new category of structural systems constructed with engineered bamboo. It gives a definition of engineered bamboo (glubam) in an analogy with steel structures and wood structures. Structural systems and components have been designed using glubam; then industrialized production processes of glubam are described. Based on state-of-the-art research, design guidelines are suggested, in a comparable and parallel approach to the existing guidelines for composite wood structures. 

The book also discusses bamboo structures in the context of sustainable development, including the benefits of using bamboo as an alternative or replacement for wood, especially for developing countries, many of which are faced with the lack or destruction of forest resources.

Engineered Bamboo Structures 

The bamboo industry has benefited a lot from the book Engineered Bamboo Structures, the research on engineered bamboo introduced in the book has a very high reference value for our product development and quality control, and also provides theoretical support and feasible basis for the application and promotion of engineered bamboo products and modern bamboo structures.

altPlus is looking forward to more new research results from Prof. Yan Xiao, which will contribute to the application of engineered bamboo and modern bamboo structures in sustainable development and green buildings.

Biography of Professor Yan Xiao

Professor Yan Xiao and students are visiting

Dr. Xiao is a Changjiang and Qiushi (Seek Trueth) Distinguished Chaired Professor and serves as the Program Director for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Systems Sciences, in the Zhejiang University – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Joint Institute (ZJUI).

Prof. Xiao is an expert in structural engineering with overall goal towards sustainable development, and has made well known contributions in areas related to confined concrete, hybrid and composite structures, applications of advanced composites, retrofit/repair of structures, impact effects, and large-scale experimentation, etc. His recent research and industrial development efforts are focused on developing modern bamboo structures for buildings and bridges with the goal of promoting environmentally and eco-friendly construction. 

He holds many patents and the award-winning technology GluBam®. In 2008, he was awarded the Best of What’s New in 2008 by the Popular Science Magazine and named as the Popular Science Innovator of 2008. He also made important impact in integrated protection of engineering structures, particularly related to earthquake and other man-made hazards mitigation. 

Professor Yan Xiao's giving a speech at seminar

Professor Yan Xiao’s team has built the first multi-story modern bamboo building which embodies the research achievements of the group over the past 20 years.

This project is a showcasing for biomass materials including bamboo and bamboo structural technology.

If you want to read Engineered Bamboo Structures,please check the link below:


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