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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

altPlus Fiber – Comprehensive Bamboo Biomaterial Solutions for Plastic Alternatives!

With restrictions on plastic use around the world, bio-materials such as bamboo fiber products are emerging now. altPlus Fiber is committed to revolutionizing the bio-materials industry by harnessing the power of bamboo, and has a well-established supply chain and technical resources to provide degradable bamboo fiber materials and products for various applications.

PurBam™ - Pulp Molded Products

Welcome to the world of PurBam™, where sustainability and innovation merge.

PurBam™ uses pure bamboo biomaterials in pulp molded products. Each PurBam™ product is meticulously crafted, undergoing a rigorous process that includes scientific pulping, vacuum forming, hot pressing, and sterilization. Products are not only eco-friendly but also display remarkable physical properties.

PurBam™ has various application scenarios in food packaging and everyday essentials, and even in high-technical required and high value-added industrial packaging and medical supplies. PurBam™ products meet the stringent health and safety standards set by national and international organizations, including GB18006.1-1999, FDA, and European SGS standards. 

PurBam™ stands out as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative as traditional plastic and foam materials. 


Food Container


Bamboo Storage

Everyday Essentials

Gift Packaging

Food Packaging

Food and Beverage Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Digital Product Packaging (earphones, gamepad)

Phone Packaging

Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics Packaging (Toothpaste, toothbrush)

Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging (pills, injections)

BaMatrix™ - Bamboo Fiber Biopolymer

BaMatrix™ is leading the way in sustainable plastics by leveraging unique, patented technology that transforms bamboo fibers into high-performance, lightweight composite materials.

© altPlus

Scalable fiber extraction is fully automated, scalable process that extracts fibers without the use of chemicals or heat treatment.

Unique compounding technology enables higher bamboo fiber ratios, up to 40%, in polymers without harsh chemicals. The proprietary technology uniquely combines traditional or bio-plastics with bamboo fibers.

Our products are not only recyclable within existing streams but also designed with future composability in mind, setting the stage for a game-changing, innovation on the horizon.

Swatches  © altPlus

Toothbrushes © altPlus

Winecup  © altPlus

Bowls  © altPlus

altPlus Fiber Values

altPlus Fiber © ltPlus

  • Sustainable and degradable raw materials

  • Sophisticated and experienced design and manufacturing team which can provide custom solutions

  • Industry-leading production equipment and technology

  • Life cycle low carbon emissions

altPlus Fiber has the advanced technology to provide 100% pure bamboo biomaterials products, as well as altPlus bamboo fiber biopolymer without harsh chemicals for different applications. altPlus Fiber products are healthy and eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and reusable, which comply with the concept of sustainability and low-carbon development.

Our professional and integrated custom process:

The Future of Bamboo Fiber and altPlus Involvement

 © Clement Souchet

Under the global trend of restricting the use of plastic products, such as EU's increasingly stringent plastic restriction policy; the US Plastics Pact, which aims to eliminate unnecessary and non-degradable plastic packaging; and China's "Bamboo Replace Plastic" action plan, etc., bamboo fiber as one of the world's five natural plant fibers, has the inherent and unique advantage.

Bamboo grows fast and is a rapidly renewable material without replanting. Bamboo fiber extracted from bamboo is strong, lightweight, tough and antibacterial. The bamboo fiber products are naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

altPlus will continue to develop PurBam™ and BaMatrix™, improve technology and ensure the stability of the supply chain to provide comprehensive product solutions for the increasingly popular bamboo fiber products in future.

If you are interested in altPlus Fiber or have any inquiry, please contact


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