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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

CIAC2024 Report | altPlus CEO Shares Harvests and Prospects with You

Canada-in-Asia Conferences 2024 (CIAC2024) was successfully held in Singapore on February 26-29, focusing on two main themes of "Agri-food" and "Climate Solutions". Mr. Eric Rupert, CEO of altPlus, was invited to attend the conference and he will share his harvests and inspirations on future with us. 


altPlus CEO Shares Harvests and Prospects with You

Mr. Eric Rupert, CEO of altPlus, represented the company and Canadian Chamber of Commerce to attend CIAC2024. He is glad to share the harvests and prospects with us.

Eric Rupert (front from left), altPlus CEO and CanCham Shanghai board director attends the meeting. © CIAC

Q: What inspirations do you have this time?

A: The event has brought together a number of business and thought leaders from different regions around Asia Pacific region which leads to an opportunity for exchange, new relationships to form and ideas to take hold. Personally, it was my first time at such a convention of Canadian Officials and business leaders. The meetings had demonstrated that there are methods in which we can advance our position in each of these markets and brought familiar topics for discussion. From the discussions had, I believe we have a developed idea of the channels we need to use to grow both our bamboo industry message and connect our Canadian business community members for best results over the next two to five years.

A discussion between representatives of Canadian Chambers in the region and Global Affairs Canada’s Sara Wilshaw (front from right), Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner, and Paul Thoppil (front from left), Canada’s Indo Pacific Trade Representative  with Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner (back row). Special address by Mary Ng (row 2 from right, the second from front), Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development. © CanCham

Q: What impressed you the most?

A: The varied types of professional backgrounds that were represented by the business and official leaders in attendance. Also the regions in which they focused was impressive in that there seemed to be a voice or a few voices from the majority of countries in the region. This allowed for interesting story exchanges and best practices across different industries, economies and societies. From the perspective of altPlus and the bamboo industry, having a deeper understanding of each regions exposure to the industry and regional material is of high interest. The concept of bamboo as a leading regional material in the development of these economies is not a widespread consideration to general industry peers. This understanding and exposure is critical to gaining serious market traction and will continue to be a priority element in our endeavors by continuously demonstrating the potential we have by advancing and harnessing the value of these bamboo fiber and engineered products.

From the perspective of the Canadian business community operating in the Asia Pacific, I can see that there is a strong representation of professionals across the board. It should also be mentioned that there is a strong community there, which is sometimes uniquely Canadian, but easily shared at ease with others. The conference leaned on key topics which brought together diverse industries to find opportunities to further better business practices – I believe this was the principal goal for all in attendance.

CanCham Shanghai represented by Executive Director Matt Whately and board directors Paul Moysiuk and Eric Rupert with Senior Trade Commissioners. © CanCham

Q: What can altPlus do in future?

A: Expect to see more regional collaborations. Especially in areas where viable bamboo resources have the potential to impact major parts of the economy much like the developments in China.  This development on each local level, for example, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines etc., has great potential for positive impact in sustainable growth and social benefits. These types of collective wins will be the focus of discussions with the partners we met and those we have not yet.

Summary of CIAC2024

The Hon. Pierre Pettigrew, Chair of the Board of APF Canada, and Jean-Dominique leraci,High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore delivered a reception with remarks to welcome the experts and participants of the Conference.

The Hon. Pierre Pettigrew, Chair of the Board of APF Canada, delivers opening remarks. © CIAC

"Agri-food" discussed about the following topics: food security in the Asia-Pacific and how Canadian companies can contribute to different priorities and needs across the region; compare approaches to agri-tech policy; and Canadian investment opportunities in agriculture among rapidly growing Asian markets, etc. Experts from Canada and Asian countries exchanged the insights and strategies to foster Canada-Asia collaboration in sustainable growth.

"Climate Solutions" discussed about the following topics: priorities and experiences in climate policy and energy transition; opportunities for Canada-Asia collaboration in emissions reductions and green transportation; and Canadian clean energy for ASEAN's green transition, etc. Businesses, government leaders and investors from Asia and Canada exchanged insights and strategies on climate solutions by discussions on critical minerals, nuclear, green hydrogen, and sustainable forestry.

Speakers of Seminars © CIAC


With over 450 attendees from Asia and Canada attended CIAC2024. The Conference hope that a lasting impact on the global discourse on agri-food and climate solutions has been left. Look forward to reconvening at CIAC2025 to further Canada-Asia engagement and collaboration!

altPlus will apply the harvests from CIAC2024 to the regional development and more cooperations in future.


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