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A look inside the world of rapidly renewable materials. 

Bamboo fibre New product, can become an eco-friendly trend for the dining table?

Bamboo Pulp Bowl-shaped Coffee Filter

In the new era of green life, altPlus unlocks the infinite possibilities of bamboo fiber with new technology. 

We are innovatively applying bamboo fiber to everyday products, such as the coffee filter series, which retains the pure flavor of coffee, and the straw series, which locks in the mellow taste of beverages, both of which reduce the impact on the environment and practice caring for the earth. 

Let's have a glimpse of the charm of these new products, the exploration of sustainable recycling and new materials of the future, starting from altPlus® bamboo fiber new products!

altPlus® Bamboo Pulp Coffee Filter

For hand-brewed coffee lovers, the choice of filter cups and filter paper is very important. The shape, color, material, thickness of the filter paper will have an impact on the aroma and taste of the coffee. 

The right coffee filter paper can effectively filter the fine particles and impurities in the coffee powder, making the coffee purer; at the same time, the microporous structure of the filter paper helps to evenly release the coffee essence and keep the oil penetration just right, thus giving each drop of coffee rich layers and aroma. 

altPlus® has introduced different shapes and colors of bamboo pulp coffee filters, which can be adapted to different drip pots and coffee types.

Bamboo Pulp Fan-shaped Coffee Filter

Bamboo Pulp V-shaped Coffee Filter

Bamboo Pulp Bowl-shaped Coffee Filter

Bamboo Pulp Plate-shaped Coffee Filter

altPlus® bamboo pulp coffee filters have better performance than other pulp filter and are an excellent choice for achieving perfect extraction and enhancing coffee flavors.

  • Soft Texture

Bamboo pulp coffee filter is mainly made of bamboo pulp, supplemented by softwood pulp. Our product combined the advantages of both bamboo pulp and softwood pulp, they are soft, delicate, healthy and environmentally friendly, also with uniform texture and good toughness.

  • Antibacterial

The bamboo quinone component in bamboo fiber is a natural bactericidal component and is more in line with food and medical safety.

  • High Wet Strength

Compared with ordinary softwood pulp filter, bamboo pulp coffee filter has higher wet strength and toughness, they can maintain its shape and performance even after long-term soaking.

  • Various Shape

We have V-shaped, fan-shaped and bowl shaped products, they are appropriate to various coffee cup and drip pot.

  • Great Filtration

Bamboo pulp coffee filter has good hygroscopicity and good water conductivity. It can filter more coffee grounds and maintain the coffee flavor.

  • Quick Raw Material Resource

Compared with wood, bamboo has a faster production speed and the supply of raw materials can be obtained faster and easier.

altPlus® Bamboo Pulp Straw

Bamboo Pulp Straight Straw

Cold brew coffee and other beverages can be served with altPlus® bamboo straws. Compared with the current common paper straws, bamboo pulp straws can maintain their shape and hardness in most drinks and will not become soft and break due to long-term soaking, making them more conducive to daily use.

altPlus® has introduced bamboo pulp straws in different sizes and shapes, bringing the eco-friendly wind of new materials to the table.

Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Russia have large coffee filter paper consumer markets. Products containing more than 51% bamboo pulp have the advantage of tariff reduction when exported to European and American markets. 

More and more food enterprises began to use these sustainable and degradable products to ensure the quality of food and reflect the social responsibility.

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