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Master of Integration

Introducing engineered bamboo materials into 21st century systems. 

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Manufacturing Facilities
Industrial Building
Industrial Building

altPlus has a global leading supply chain specialising in the manufacturing of performance engineered bamboo technologies with facilities in China, United States, Vietnam, Japan, and Canada.​

Vertical supply chain control of bamboo, from forest management, harvest, treatment, manufacturing, and final fabrication.

Advanced facilities to produce engineered bamboo materials, integrated with mechanical hardware, and various ancillary materials into final assemblies. 


Manufacturing / Final Fabrication / Assembly

Standard Operations - Manufacturing​

  • Structural Grade Products

  • Curtain Wall / Commercial Glazing

  • Façade & Ceiling, Decorative Assemblies

  • Pre-Assembled architectural systems

  • RLB (Radial Laminated Bamboo)

  • LVB (Laminated Veneer Bamboo)

  • CLB (Cross Laminated Bamboo)

  • Structural Lamination: 22'x6' Billets

  • Fabrication - Commercial Milling Capacities

Kitting & Component Fabrication​

  • Kitting of Structures / Systems

  • In Factory, Full Structure Assembly

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