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Engineered Bamboo

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What is Structural Engineered Bamboo?

Found in the market today is what is commonly called engineered bamboo and should not be confused with Structural Engineered Bamboo. The extensive production of low-tech bamboo products, without clear performance indicators, is not an engineering bamboo material in the sense of construction engineering. That is what differentiates the production of Structural Engineered Bamboo.

What are benefits of SEB application?

  • Predictable Strength: Outstanding Mechanical Performance

  • Standardized Products For market adoption

  • Carbon Banks:  Each component acts a storage of carbon for the duration of its useful lifetime.

  • Health & Wellbeing: Benefits of increased health of users in the built environment

  • Rapidly renewable, global Resource: Bamboo Is found on all continents around the world, regenerates itself and is ready to harvest after 4 years.

Updated - removed durability and energy transmission

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