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Technology & Standards

Everything begins with understanding the science behind the materials. The altPlus team has relied on decades of experience and research in bamboo to develop a performance material, testing plan, and solution based system. 

altPlus works with local harvesters, national testing authorities, and international regulators to establish the industry standard. 

altPlus partners with world renown academic and private institutions to ensure continuous research and development of process, testing, management and product solutions.

Research & Development

Setting The International Standard

altPlus VP & Technical Director, Luke Schuette,

Luke worked with the executive committee of ASTM’s D07 division of EWP (Engineered Wood Products) to establish testing procedure for LVB. The work generated by Luke and his team also added LVB into the AC-47 section of the ICC (International Code Council) of which is referenced by in Building Codes throughout the world. Luke is Currently the Chairman of D07.02.03 - ASTM International


Certified Facilities and Management

Facilities are Certificated by ISO9000, ISO14000.


Global Leader In Structural Certification

altPlus is scheduled to be the first company to develop ICC approved manufacturing and engineered bamboo certified structural materials. 

2021 Q2 Publication


Shanghai High-Technology Company

altPlus is recognized as a Shanghai High-Technology Company, with over 35 patents in China and Worldwide, and practicing Internationally Accepted Accounting Procedures as Audited.


International Architectural Standards

altPlus is scheduled to complete UL fire certification of its glazing and curtain wall systems integrated with engineered bamboo materials.

2021 Publication


Certified Rapidly Renewable Materials.

altPlus is registered as FSC Certified supplier of bamboo materials


Green Building Partnerships

altPlus solutions provide the path to accepted credits for the major green building certification programs LEED, BREEAM and China 3 Star 

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