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What are primary SEB applications? 

​Frequently Asked Questions about Engineered Bamboo

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  • Post & Beam: Post and beam glue-laminated structures are widely used timber structural system in China and Internationally. The products are prefabricated and can be factory finished to specification. Structural members may be exposed as the aesthetic finish.  

  • Panelized Systems: Panelized systems consist of a CCLT assembly or hybrid assembly, prefabricated, and labeled with specific site assembly codes. Including options for pre-fitting of MEP and connections for assembly on site. 

  • Structural Glazing: Structural glazing comes in the form of curtain wall members, storefront system components, and system and installation integrated as a thermally high-performance hybrid aluminum/ structural bamboo products. 

  • Pre-Cast Hybrid: Pre-cast concrete systems using a functional engineered bamboo finish or structural engineered bamboo composite system, are prefabricated into systems in the factory, for quick assembly on site. 

  • Prefabricated Wall: Each of the systems as described have utility when combined with other structural systems. 


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